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HMC is a one-stop solution for construction equipment rental across the United Arab Emirates. We have supported most large contractors in delivering their projects with long experience in working inside all United Arab Emirates authorities such as JAFZA, DAFZA, AD Ports, etc.

HMC offers a complete range of equipment that meets the needs of even the most demanding projects. The option of adding an operator allows our end-users to take advantage of our highly skilled team that can operate our vehicles in the toughest conditions.

All our equipment is serviced regularly and HMC possess dedicated mobile service units that are available anytime upon breakdown, recovery or in the event of a technical issue.

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Be the Number One provider of customer value in construction equipment, energy and transportation, and materials handling.

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Strengthen our market leadership by creating dynamic and profitable relationships with customers and suppliers through innovative solutions and committed employees.

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Core Values

Core Values are the guiding principles that all HMC employees demonstrate in their daily work with customers, suppliers, and with each other.


Safety & Environmental Care

We contribute to a safe and secure environment for our employees, customers, and community.



We conduct business with the highest standards of ethics and honesty through keeping promises, taking responsibility, and honoring commitments with our customers and our employees.


Flexibility & Agility

We consistently deliver the highest quality of service to our customers while continuously improving our internal processes and organizational effectiveness.



We promote and foster creativity and innovation in our work to overcome obstacles, meet business goals, and improve our services.



We are proactive and take actions independently to accomplish objectives, satisfy our customers, and support each other.


Flexibility & Agility

We remain flexible and open in order to rapidly adjust and respond to emerging customers’ requirements and changing market demands.


HMC cater services to wide range of Industries and locations. We serve mainly following categories.

Time, money

Equipment & Machinery Rental

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Concrete Flooring

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Heavy Lifting

Equipment Maintenance

Periodic Services, Machine Inspections and Maintenance and Repair.

HMC carryout routine and preventive maintenance on regular bass to avoid machinery downtime during hectic work schedules. Regular repairs and replacing parts help prevent components excessive wear and sudden failure

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