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  • 8″ SOMERO Laser Screed Machine

    The S-940 provides unmatched versatility and simplicity with increased power and productivity! Available with a fully automated self-leveling screed head, raking/fine grade head, this powerful machine has fewer switches and an easy-access hinged console, making any job comfortable for your operator. <!--more-->      
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  • 10″ SOMERO Laser Screed Machine

    The S-15R Laser Screed<sup>®</sup> model is a high-performance, sophisticated machine with great value. It has a patented fully integrated self-leveling head assembly which plows, levels, and consolidates in just a single automated pass. The plow rakes down high concrete filling in low spots and the Somero<sup>®</sup> Quick Pass feature rakes down excessively high concrete without manual intervention. <!--more-->      
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